Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso Harlequin And Boy 1905 Original Collotype

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Artist Picasso Pablo Signed in Plate Title: Harlequin and Boy Publisher Twin Print with association New York Graphic Society Printed in USA on 1956 Catalog TP682 Year on 1940 + Size: 28 x 22.5 inches Condition due to age shows wear one dog ear crease , several creases along border and dent. Rose Period Picasso artwork titled "Harlequin and Boy" from 1905. Published before his death, we are proud to be selling these exclusive posters by Pablo Picasso. Printed by the New York Graphic Society, these images are not in the public domain. In other words, if you are seeing these images in any other form, you are looking at the original painting. Printed in editions of 500, this series spans Picasso­s career, with works that represent his many periods (Blue, Rose, Cubist). These are some of the last Picasso prints to be made during the artist­s life.