James Wells Champney

James Wells Champney Boon Companions 1878 Vintage Collagraph

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Artist James Wells Champney signed in plate , publisher proof

Title Boon Companions

Publisher New York Graphic Society

Printed in USA on 1975

Catalog 6388

Size 17 x 21

Condition due to age may show slight wear minor dust creases on corners and dents along border image intact full of color

Writing was written by the publisher, disregard the $12. Yes, in 1975, these sold to galleries for $12, then the galleries would mark them up 30% or more. In 1975 this Collotype would cost $35 to 55. Which was a lot of money in the 70s. Just like gas was .48 cents a gallon in 1975, while gas today is $2.90. It is all relative...cheers