Francesco Brunacci

Francesco Brunacci Map Of Zodiac Hemispheres

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Artist: Franco Brunacci Giacomo Giovanni Rossi

Title: Map of the Celestial | Planisfero Del Globo Celeste 

From the Original ca. 1687. Venica

Printed: Unknown

Publisher: Penn Prints

Catalog: G1847

Size: 20 x 25 5/8

Condition due to age show slight wear such as dust dents creases along border overall very good condition

This 17th Century reproduction lithograph map shows the celestial constellations with a text entitled "Planisfero del Globo Celeste" by Francesco Brunacci. A beautifully hand-colored restrike engraving on heavy imitation antique paper stock. This piece contains fascinating illustrations of mythological figures, monsters, serpents, ships, unicorns and other fantastic elements characteristic of the 17th century pre-Galilean vision of the Cosmos.

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