Abraham Munting

After Abraham Munting Malva Arborescens 1696 Etching Plate 98

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Artist Abraham Munting (1626-1683)

Title Malva Arborescens Indica Minor | Lavatera arborea | Malva arborea | Tree Mallow

Medium Etching, hand colored with watercolor | hand made laid paper

1. Collection of Herbert and Harriet Pirk, 1980s
2. Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Berger, 1980s-2019

Printed 1709-14

Size image 11 1/2 x 8 | 14 1/2 x 11 framed

Condition due to age may show wear slight browning outer border frame has several scratching on the gold gilt image intact full of color

An accurate study from the engraving; plate 98. The processor of the phytographia . It appears to be similar to a study located in the Cleveland Museum of Art

1. Harriet Pirk was an illustrator, advertising copywriter, and marketing executive for top cosmetics and magazine companies. She founded One of a Kind Workshop in 1973. Here, she specializing in original antique prints and reproductions from16th- to 19th-century: botanical, architectural and zoological drawings. She was a well-known naturalist, Connecticut

2. Mrs. Berger is the owner of Berger Communication, New Jersey