Order Purchased on Pinterest


  • Packaging will be secure and and arrive in listed condition
  • Our contact info—including email and / or phone number—on the packing 
  • Orders will be on the time, with a max window of 7 calendar days

Returns and refunds

  • Respond to return requests within 48 hours by giving customers any info they need for the return, including shipping info and Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMAs)
  • Complete all returns and refunds within the timeframe you set with the customer (usually 30 calendar days)
  • Make full refunds or exchanges for any damaged or lost shipments, unless you and the customer already agreed on partial refunds

Backordered or out of stock items

If someone orders a product or service that becomes backordered or out of stock, you must:

  • Update the listing within 30 minutes
  • Contact the customer within 24 hours to let them know the product or service is unavailable, and give them an updated delivery date
  • Respond to all of the customer’s questions within 48 hours
  • Keep the order open if the customer accepts the new delivery date
  • Cancel their order if the customer doesn’t accept the new delivery date


  • any questions, complaints, problems and other issues, including disputes. If a customer gets in touch with Pinterest about unresolved issues with your transaction, we’ll contact you directly. If that happens, you must respond to Pinterest within 24 hours.

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